D303 Web 2.0 & Student Account Agreement

In our commitment to provide the best learning experience for your student, D303 continues to search for relevant instructional tools that meet the needs of 21st Century learners.

Over time, we have located websites and mobile apps which provide students with tools that allow them to work and collaborate in new ways. These sites fall into a category broadly defined as Web 2.0 Resources. These online programs, are usually free or inexpensive and are a way digital information is created, shared, stored, distributed, and managed.

A registered account, requiring personal student information (such as their name or their D303 Google credentials), is needed in order for these projects to be saved online for future editing and easy remote access.

In keeping with Internet Safety Protocol, parent(s) and/or guardian(s) must grant permission for their student to sign-up for any account which requires a student to enter personal information online. If permission is not granted, then the student will complete an alternate assignment.

Students using an approved Web 2.0 site as part of their classroom learning will be expected to follow established classroom and school expectations for acceptable use and behavior.
List of Web 2.0 Resources

Links to these sites, the data collected from students, and more information about the approval process can be found at: http://district.d303.org/web-20-resources

The Web 2.0 Resources site will be updated throughout the year as teachers find new resources and request district approval. After this form is signed and returned, teachers will provide an email notification if a new tool is approved to use in their classroom.

The behavioral expectations and consequences for misuse are identical to classroom rules for behavior except not bound by time of day or location.

Please fill in student information below and indicate if you give your student permission to sign-up for an account for district approved Web 2.0 Resources.
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